Managerial Communication

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1. What Is Managerial Communication? 2

1.1 Organizational Communication 3

1.1.1 Methods To Effective Organizational Communication 4

1.1.2 Barriers of Organizational Communication And How To Overcome Them? 5

1.1.3 Benefits of Effective Organizational Communication 7

1.2 Interpersonal Communication 7

1.2.1 Methods of effective Interpersonal communication 7

1.2.2 Key Functions of Interpersonal Communication 8

2. Conclusion 9

References 11 1. What Is Managerial Communication?

Managerial communications involves gathering important information from both inside and out side the organization and distributing appropriate information to others who need it. If you carefully analyze a mangers job it is evident that
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Which results in lower level employees being limited to their duties with no knowledge about other areas.
Successful companies encourage employees to contribute by making sure that communication flows freely through the organization. Employees in such organizations feel more comfortable to admit their mistakes, disagree with the boss and express their opinions. Modifying the number of organizational levels and encouraging feedback are two ways overcoming restrictive environments.

Information overload: an excess of messages can distract people by making it difficult to identify useful information from useless information. Most companies are trying to encourage employees to send fewer messages and also discourage the use of the word urgent.

Reducing the number of messages, setting priorities for dealing with the overall message flow and improvement of business communication skills can help overcome the overload of information.

Physical Distractions: poor lighting, health problems and other irritating conditions can prevent an otherwise effective message. When the sender or receiver of the message tends to be in an emotional condition they tend to ignore or distort the message.

To overcome physical barriers it's best to concentrate on the message rather than on the distractions. When dealing with emotional factors it is important to recognize


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