Starbucks Vietnam

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Introduction 3
The various elements of the marketing process 4
The benefits and costs of a marketing orientation ………………………………………5
Macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions ……….7
Propose segmentation criteria to be used for products in different markets 9
Choose a targeting strategy for a selected product/service 9
Buyer behaviour affects marketing activities in different buying situation …………...10
New position for a selected service of Starbucks Vietnam…………………… 10
Conclusion 12
References 13

Introduction Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle. It has grown rapidly and it has become the premier roaster and retailer of specialty
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Marketing orientation approach means a business reacts to what customers want. The decisions taken are based around information about customers’ needs and wants, the company must have a marketing orientation what marketing is a strategy to satisfy customers with the products and communication while still making profit. * Benefits (According to BPP Learning Media (2010), pp.12) a. Product tailored to the needs of the customer:
“Café phin” is a part of Vietnamese traditional culture for a long time, specially the old generation. Together with the economic open, Western coffee styles has joined in Vietnam market. Young consumers perceive these types of coffee drinks such new kind of modern lifestyle quickly. Starbucks has many types of coffee with different flavors, so consumer will have more choices to suit their –self. Examples: Blonde Roast coffee, Medium Roast coffee, Dark Roast coffee,… (Picture: Starbuck coffee) b. Research and development enables the market-led company to keep ahead of the competition : To understand more about market, Starbucks Vietnam must update information daily. Therefore, research and product development are necessary in compete with other rivals. Furthermore, the company can supply what customers need with high quality and reasonable price. c. Product what you can sell rather than sell what you can product: The company always understand the demand of the customer and product what the customer wants


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