P3 Explain Factors That May Influence Communication and Interpersonal Interactions in Health and Social Care Environments

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Task 3
P3 explain factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in Health and Social Care Environments
Section 1
Barriers to communication
A barrier blocks and stops something from getting through. There are different types of communication barriers that stop communication from going well. Three types of communication barriers are shown below.
Communication is not received- They may not respond to the language needs or preferences. Not understanding sensory impairment or disability. For example, speaking to a deaf person, the sounds are not received. The background noise can stop you hearing, and you cannot receive full non-verbal communication if you cannot see a person’s face or body.
Communication is
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Communication in care work involves building an understanding of another person and providing emotional support. When a person is facing grief, it is best to focus on emotional needs, rather than giving out information. Creating a caring presence can help to understand what the other person feelings may be experiencing. Just being with a person who is lonely, anxious or depressed can provide comfort, simply knowing that someone is there can help to feel supported as it shows that you are developing empathy with them. For example in Kristen’s scenario, health and social care professionals must treat her with a caring presence, as this will help to understand how she is feeling and will also help her to stop feeling lonely, anxious or depressed.
Language needs/preferences
The majority of people have a preferred first language. Different communities use a given language in different ways. People use different degrees of formality and informality, depending on the context. For example, people may use jargon, dialect and slang in their own speech community, these differences can create barriers to understanding. The ward that Kristen was in she was the only person that could speak English, other service users could not speak English. It will be very difficult to communicate with others as no one will understand each other.
Sensory impairment and disability
A sensory impairment means that a person’s senses do not work