Lesson 6 Case Studies

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Lesson 6 Case Studies
Milan Shrestha
International American University
MGT 500 : Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Sushil Pant
October 17, 2014

Chapter 12
Effective Communication: Partnership in Italy.
The given case is about effective communication. In the case, Melissa Chang who is handling all sorts of sourcing activities at the company, she is asked to travel to Venice, Italy to meet her company’s partnering company. She is asked to travel for solving the issues that has made a bad impression of her company towards the partnering company. As before also Melissa’s colleagues cancelled their trip to Moscow at the last minute which hampered their relationship with other partners
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Question 3: Primary source of information after Melissa’s visit Melissa attended the important meeting with Italian partners to analyze the situation very tactfully and skillfully by applying appropriate communication with them. After her visit to Italy, at the US, she will be holding a meeting for all the office staffs and personnel where she will be discussing about the causes, effects and productive views in between the two companies. First of all she will be discussing why all office staffs and personnel did not provide Italian partners with prior information regarding the product and its development as Italian partners were keen on knowing the development of the products. Secondly, the view of company adding that language barrier affecting their relations is unbelievable since Melissa went to Italy, interacted well with the partners and shared each other thoughts which brought two of them into a productive planning for further fiscal year. Most importantly, Melissa will be saying that she was successful in building effective communication by providing exact information and listening to their views and answering them with very accurately are the primary sources of information that will be after Melissa’s visit.
Question 4: Melissa’s change in attitude in dealing


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