Isg Steelton Case

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What Would You Do?
Chapter 2
ISG Steelton – International Steel Group, Steelton, Pennsylvania

As the day-shift supervisor at the ISG Steelton steel plant, you summon the six college students who are working for you this summer, doing whatever you need done (sweeping up, sandblasting the inside of boilers that are down for maintenance, running errands, and so forth). You walk them across the plant to a field where the company stores scrap metal. The area, about the size of a football field, is stacked with organized piles of metal. You explain that everything they see has just been sold. Metal prices, which have been depressed, have finally risen enough that the company can earn a small profit by selling its scrap.
You point out that
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I would welcome any and all ideas the team could help to come up with which may remove some motion waste. I would get approval to increase the hours from 8 to 12 hour shifts. Based on the 12 hour shift, and knowing what the average load of 30 per hour is, I would incentivize each additional

If we do not work the weekend, they will need to complete 720 units per day. 12 hour shift gets us to 360

I would do a quick study to determine at what pace I could complete the motion of moving one 92 pound metal piece to a rail car before any fatigue. I would try and determine if there was any waste which could be removed from the motions. I would split the team up into 3 sets of 2. I would have them rotate which person is in the rail car stacking the metal neatly, and which one is hauling the heavy load 15 feet.

Complete a time study and a motion study. Remove the waste and find the best practice. Have all teams work that same