Asian Philosophy and Literature

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Asian Philosophy and Literature Paper
Sonya Dowell ENG/301
August 13, 2012
Marc Bonnani

INTRODUCTION The Asian Culture has faith in that there are a series of beliefs and principled forms in the Asian literature that follows in the ethnic steadiness and a thoughtful of collaboration that resulted in the mutual understanding of Asian literature development, but the Asian literature views comes from a diverse ethnic upbringings, no single meaning of the word exists, but characteristically. Asian literature includes some direction of Confucianism in certain trustworthiness in the direction of the Asian Philosophy and realm. The antecedent of individual self-freedom for the sake of culture’s steadiness and affluence the
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She is described as the next-age group Asian and female. She is in something of a three-way bind: she is fighting to free herself from the Asian nation in which her parents hang: she is trying to find where she fits in with the American culture; she also has a problem with her gender. Nevertheless, while stressed to fin her individuality that has intelligence for her, Mona is also funny. She and her family (“…nice Asian family, father, mother, and two born-here girls”) (Jen, 1996, p.2) relocated to Scarshill, a rich, mostly Jewish New York suburb. Jen describes the Asian in this case as “the firsthand Jews” (1996, p.2); they are the immortal outsiders, doubtful because they are different. Mona explains that as an American, she can choose to do whatever she wants to do, and she chooses to become Jewish (Jen, 1996). In doing so, she defies the Asian culture in which the females always obeys their parents implicitly, and sets up more conflicts. Jen gave up a quadruple outsider’s look at America; from the Asians, Jewish, second generation, female viewpoint. With the other writers, there were much that anyone can distinguish with, proving we are not different after all. According, to Asian American literature that involves Confucian themes such as family, honor, loyalty, and more. In Asian literature, the writer talks about their experiences in America. In the story,


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