Accidental Asian Analysis

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The Accidental Asian analysis paper sociology

Eric Liu grew up doubting his own identity. Early on he had trouble dealing with the problems of being an Asian-American. Growing up in a white suburban neighborhood Liu constantly felt out of place in. The suburbs that he grew up in caused him to struggle with his individuality. Who and what was he? How did he fit in the “big picture” as an American? He grew up with a family that allowed him to choose what he wanted to be never forcing any culture on him. Because of this freedom to choose, Eric in turn could not figure out for himself how he should act in a modern United States society as a minority. Liu’s group of collective essay’s deals with the entire process of what it means to be
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He thought of himself of a “renaissance boy” because of his multiple talents He does not want to be part of a particular clique but wonders how he might have turned out if he was “more comfortable in his own skin”pg53
.. He explains that identity is a “social construction” pg. 65. Liu He says that Chinatown “chooses to exempt itself from America”. Liu talks about his mother Po-Po, who when moving to Chinatown had dreams of success and prosperity but over time her motivation faded and she fell right in line with the culture around her. He then compares his visits to China and Chinatown. He concludes that whatever “China displaces, Chinatown embraces” pg.105. He finishes his Chinatown Idea by retelling of the women who he describes as “remarkable” pg108. Trinh Duong is the executive director of Chinese Staff and Workers Association. He is impressed by her drive to fight for labor equality. And talks about her run-ins with police and other problems she has had to face.
Liu talks about Asian scandal throughout US history and challenges the “loyalty” of the reader. He states that both Jews and Asians climbed to the top very fast. He thinks of Asians and Jews as the model- minority. He goes on to say that as the generations progress in America and Asian Americans begin to assimilate into American culture they turn in the direction


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