Remingtin Research Project

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Remington’s Research Project
Remington’s restaurant is one of the casual restaurants located in Tampa, Florida. The restaurant is seen have various issues that surrounds its operations and the profitability as well. This research is deemed at looking at the various tenets of success that surrounds this restaurant. Again the failure that affects this restaurant is worth noting down. To this end, the performance of this restaurant is t put under scrutiny with keen concern on the various variables that affects it operations and profitability at each and every stance. In the recent past a survey was conducted in order to get to know the performance of Remington’s restaurant in
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2. To authenticate the use of large portions, the competent employees, the quality food, the good atmosphere and the reasonable prices in making sure the performance perception is clearly investigated. 3. To bring on board a thorough investigation on the various research questions construction prompts that are deemed to bring out the real measurement of the perception of the performance of the restaurant. Research Objectives on Survey Data 4. To investigate on the demographic profile of the restaurant with keen concern on the descriptive statistics that has been used under this investigation. 5. To carry out a profound descriptive statistical analysis on the various perceptional performance scores that are under investigation with the main view of making sure that the real picture of performance standards of the restaurant is brought out. The six measures of perceptional performance standards under investigation are: the good atmosphere, the quality of food, reasonable prices, competence of the employees, and lastly, the advent of having large portions. 6. To investigate if there is a statistical significance in the difference in the satisfaction levels of the gender groups by the services provided by the Remington’s restaurant. This has been done through hypothesis testing. 7. To investigate through calculation and description, the correlation coefficient between the competences of the employees which in this case would