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How can the different objectives of the penal system—retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation—be fulfilled in connection with white-collar crime?

* Retribution is defined as that which is given to another to recompense him for what has been received from him, such a rent fro the hire of a house, a salary paid to a person for his services, the distribution of rewards and punishments.

* Incapacitation positively prevents the sentenced person from committing future offenses by putting the criminal into a jail. By doing so, individual is removed from the society and is imprisoned to block the ability to commit further crime. Incapacitation is deferent from specific deterrence where the criminal is punished to
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* Restitution is paid by offenders to the victim and therefore, it is believed that it is constructive and economically effective. * Community service is for the offenders that did not commit serious crime but judge still wants to teach them lesson. * Occupational disqualification happens when individual loses license due to the crime they have committed. Occupational disqualification can be a fairly drastic penalty for an individual. It is punitive and intended as a deterrent, and it also incapacitates offenders by depriving them of opportunities for committing their occupationally related crimes. * Incarceration is simply the imprisonment of white-collar offenders. * Corporate dissolution is a punishment where corporation is forced to close down the business. No individual is affected but the corporation itself.

Which strategies do you regard as most effective and justifiable, and why?

It is hard to say what strategy would be the most effective and justifiable. I think it all depends on the seriousness of crime committed. In cases where the offenders are not a danger to society I can see why less punishment would be applied. I like the idea with the fines especially, fines for the corporation can be beneficial by returning the money to those effected or collecting the money to the


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