Report on Cultural Diversity

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Report on Walt Kowalski

Team B

University of Phoenix

Cultural Diversity and Special Populations

BSHS 422

October 12, 2009

According to Kiosk (2006), “Culture is an important guiding force in individuals' life and it shapes not only their perceptions, but their relationships with people and the world around them. Culture, in some ways, defines and organizes reality for people” (Kiosk, 2006). “An individual’s lifestyle, guiding beliefs and basic assumptions about life are also affected by culture” (Kiosk, 2006). Cultural diversity covers the entire range of the human experiences. The film Gran Torino is an excellent film that portrays the differences in culture. This film
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The self-assessment is used as a tool to work with Walt and allow him to understand how his own cultural beliefs and how they have influenced his opinion of others. For example, Walt is a veteran of the Korean War and a retired middle class Ford factory worker, it is important to show him how these two aspects of his life have influenced his views of Asian immigrants. Pointing out to Walt that his war experience and work in the American car factory, not his Asian neighbors, may be the root of his prejudice views will be the first step to cultural competence. The next step in helping Walt build culturally competent strategies is to help him gain knowledge about the Asian culture of his neighbors through exposure and interaction with his neighbors. The writers would ask Walt to attend and participate in a traditional cultural event of his Asian neighbors. Attending this event will help Walt gain knowledge and an understanding of the Asian culture and the people within the culture. Additionally it would create an opportunity for Walt and his Asian neighbors to interact and learn more about each other. For example, when Walt attended a dinner at his neighbor’s house, he learned that people of the Hmong culture were in alliance with American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Through exposure, it is the writer’s expectation that Walt will realize that many of his beliefs about Asian immigrants are based on


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