Ages and Stages Questionnaire

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Ages and Stages Questionnaire Assessment
Adrian Loucious
EDU 618
Dr. Breegle

The ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaires) is a series of questionnaires that is completed by parents of the infant or child, Preschool educators, Kindergarten teachers, and Day Care Providers. The ASQ is designed to screen the developmental performance of children in the areas of communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving, personal-social skills, and overall development across time. The age-appropriate scale is completed by the parent of the infant or child, Preschool educators, Kindergarten teachers, and Day Care Providers. The items on the scale represent behaviors that the child should be able to perform at that age.
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The concurrent validity, measured by comparing the percentage of agreement between the results of the parent completed ASQ questionnaires with the results of a professionally administered standardized assessments ranged from 74% for the 42-month ASQ questionnaire to 100% for the 2-month and 54-month questionnaires, with 86% overall agreement. Data on the reliability included completed questionnaires on eight thousand children between 1 and 66 months of age. Reliability studies completed on the ASQ include test–retest reliability, and interobserver reliability. Test–retest reliability is designed to help determine the stability of test outcomes over time. Test–retest reliability of the ASQ was examined by comparing two questionnaires completed by the same parent at a 2-week time interval. Parents were asked to complete the same interval questionnaire on their child twice within a 2-week time period between completions. The questionnaires were completed by 145 parents. The percent agreement for the 145 parents was 92% suggesting the ASQ has strong test–retest reliability.
Educational Settings Before this assessment can be implemented in an educational setting consent must be obtain from a parent or legal guardian. Once the consent of the parent or legal guardian is obtained, the teacher should organize a pre-meeting schedule. Before the meeting the teacher should become familiar with the questionnaire, remind and confirm the meeting with the parent,


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