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Trevino & Nelson Ethical Decision Making (T&N EDM) Model Felipe Montez CASE

1. Gather the Facts.
*Felipe Montez was hired in 2003 and is a junior member of the staff
*Felipe Montez is the purchasing director and product designer.
* This is a Spanish electronics Company supplying fashion-forward personal electronics, ie cell phones & MP3 Players.
* Built companies reputation by rapid response to trends in electronics at a reasonable price point.
* Company outsourced certain production keep pricing low and production fast, primarily to factories in China.
* Company had a 27year history with one Hong Kong distributor prior to Felipe’s hiring.
* No one had ever visited the actual factories where their goods were
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Company’s Customers
Potential dilution of health care due to redirection of research to diseases impacting other ethnic groups (U)
Potential decrease in insurance rates (S)
Factory Owner, Employees and their families
Increase in scientific knowledge that can be used for effective disease treatment and prevention (S)
Opportunity to use information generated to discriminate against specific ethnic groups (U)

Factory Stakeholders
Need to create regulatory guidance to address sale and use of technology (U)
Other Potential Asian Factories
Increase return on investment accruing from product sales (S)
Potential decrease in ROI due to negative publicity, lawsuits, etc. (U)
Potential Clients
Increase in readership and revenue due to interest in health gains for technology (S)
Increase in readership and revenue due to discrimination arising from technology (U)
Society, human rights activist and groups
Loss of revenue due to success of technology in treating diseases (N – Neutral implications for ethicality of decision)
Increase in revenue due to adverse publicity and legal action directed at biotech firm (N – Neutral) Regulators, Lawyers



5. Identify the Obligations. State:
(a) the deontological principle (DP) used to assess the actions