Moral Development During Adolescence

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Module code: HRPYC81
Research report for Project: 4805
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Title of Study: The Determinants Of Moral Development In Curbing Adolescents’ Moral
Surname: Zondo

Initials: G. L.

Student number: 43097855
Examination period: October/November 2015


The Determinants Of Moral Development In Curbing Adolescents’ Moral Decay.


The study explored the determinants of moral development in curbing adolescents’ moral decay. These determinants included identity development, gender, parental (mother) relationship with adolescent, and ethical and moral values. A mixed-model method (both quantitative and qualitative) was used to conduct the study. Participants were sampled through convenience sampling. The sample of a
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According to J. D. Dlamini (personal communication, April 27, 2015) adolescents in the area were involved in a number of criminal acts. These criminal acts included drug sniffing and trafficking, and robbery. Illicit sex and unwanted pregnancies were also an indication of the decline of moral standards. Abuse of alcohol among adolescents was at its highest level. Finally,

the lack of respect of authority was prevalent. As a result of this situation numerous adolescents dropped out from school and some were arrested.

Research Problem

The decline of moral standards during adolescence was a matter of concern that had to be addressed. Therefore, the researcher worked on the determinants of moral development during adolescence because he wanted to find the extent of their influence, in order to understand how the determinants can curb moral decay among adolescent. The researcher executed the study by reading in the literature and by asking adolescents what they think and feel, and what their suggestions were with regard to moral development.

As adolescents' cognitive, emotional, and social development continue to mature, their understanding of morality expands and their behaviour becomes more closely aligned with their values and beliefs. Therefore, moral development describes the evolution of these guiding principles and is demonstrated by the ability to apply these guidelines in


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