Grip and Arm Strength

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Term Project Proposal
Week 5

Grip and Arm Strength

Purpose Statement

Occupational health professionals consistently document the need for physical testing upon application for physically-demanding jobs. Decades of studies suggest that physical fitness screening prior to job selection decreases workplace injuries. Many of these studies prove specifically that a direct correlation exists between one’s strength and job performance. This case study examines such a claim. It is an analysis of the impact arm strength (ARM) and hand grip (GRIP) have on workers’ performance on the job (SIMS). So, can job performance be predicted linearly by a combination of grip strength and arm strength? Therefore, the dependent
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The two scores were then averaged together for each of the two strength measures (GRIP and ARM).
Job performance

The dependent variable in this study is personnel job performance (SIMS). In order to measure this, two work simulations were developed using observations and measurement of people performing each of the jobs studied. These simulations required individuals to exert force on tools often used on the job. Measurements were taken in standing and kneeling positions and were standardized and summed together to create the final calculation used for this study.

Grip Strength

The primary independent variable in this study is hand grip strength. Gripping an object requires the use of 35 muscles and four joints, which deems it the most important strength measurement in determining job performance. It has been shown to indicate one’s overall health and wellness, and has been studied for decades. A study published as early as 1984 proved the positive correlation between grip strength and neuromuscular performance (Newman, et al. 1984, p. 453). Dr. Richard Bohannon, a professor of physical therapy, has also proven this connection over the past several years. The results of his studies show the value of grip strength in the prediction of mortality, disability, and overall vitality (Poitras, 2011). This is extremely useful for employers in selecting the best applicants for


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