Advertising to Children

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Advertising to children has existed for a long time; however what has changed is the amount of advertising and the media through which it comes. Today’s commercials are more sophisticated and pervasive, it is not that the products are good or bad, it is the notion of manipulating children to buy the product. Children are not little adults and their minds are not fully developed, still marketers are playing to their developmental vulnerability. The advertising that children are exposed to today is honed by psychologist and is enhanced by media technologies (Clay, 2000). The issues surround the impact of commercial culture and children’s well-being usually generates plumes of steam and everyone gets excited about it. However there seem to …show more content…
Therefore marketer should not exploit children’s vulnerability but rather work at explain the product better. Most corporations have only objective is to make money, by moving product in a creative execution placed in specific media vehicle, then they may feel like their job is done.

Television, radio, internet, and movies can essentially change the way children learn, these devices assist in making learning easier for younger children because of its’ accessibility thereby children become smarter at a younger age level. Since the introduction of television children have been susceptible to advertisers and marketing messages. However, it is believed that changes in marketing and advertising practices over the years, have led to exceptional and inevitable commercialized childhood. This source also helps to show that marketing to younger children is widespread through various digital Medias such as internet, iPod, cellphone, and videogames. Children are constantly being marketed to for numerous products from birth all the way to adolescent. The US culture may hold the belief that the media has saturated childhood is to also belief that childhood may be much commercialized (Strasburger, 2011).

Advertised food on television are an important cause of unhealthy eating habit mainly because


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