Blue Mountain Resort Analysis

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Write Up. Case 1: Blue Mountain Resorts. The Service Quality Journey.

Dave Sinclair, vice-president of human resources at Blue Mountain Resort (BMR), was considering his options concerning the company's service quality program. He gathered together a team of 25 BMR managers to identify opportunities to improve service quality. They had provided Dave with a number of specific proposals he wanted to evaluate and decide on a course of action. From all, Dave identified three proposals that required careful consideration: costumer flow, speed of service and information technology (IT). BMR service is delivered in different aspects due to the variety of services that it offers, like winter sport, skiing and snowboarding activities and a
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This first proposal program can be applied as immediate action because most of the recommendation does not need a big investment like better forecasting, improved communication between departments, train staff and so on. However, the ones that need more investment like provide fast and accurate information to staff, adopt self-service information and schedule staff member are going to contribute to solve some issues with the information system. Furthermore, the 200 employees hired for the round year can be the platform to help the others additional hired employees in the others season. I t would help to the 20% beginner skiers that go every year with the self-service information. In short-term BMR will produce a changed in the firm's course. Also, at the moment that these become achieved it might solve other aspect as customer flow. Since the information system are processes for creating, storing, exchanging, using and managing information and the firm needs to integrate their system to just one. It is important to consider this recommendation for a long term application. As it said, hire a graduate level co-op student that organized the database. It would cost from $600 to $800 weekly, so the firm can approve this proposal as a short term solution. This may improve the call center activities reducing the miss call amount less than 1000 calls, front desk and service personnel and others. At the moment that Intrawest invest on the firm, it should develop and


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