A Message Without Words

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Select one (1) of the picture ads from the Benetton advertisement images document, located in the online course shell. Assume you are the project lead at Benetton. You and your team are tasked with revitalizing a social conscious campaign to address a world issue Benetton wants to draw attention to. Craft a message for this image and its appeal to the public on behalf of Benetton. The message selected for revitalizing a social conscious campaign to address a world issue that Benetton wants to draw attention to is, adoption and racial tolerance. Benetton wants people to realize that many children go without a real home or parents to love them and never get a real chance at childhood. They may have to live in orphanages, group homes or …show more content…

We need to make people aware of the ease of adoption and how adoption makes the world better for all parties involved.
We have to examine our existing advertising network, to determine if this message a proper fit for our current methods of advertising. Will this message work in our in the current

magazines, billboard network (buildings, Times Square, etc., in transit stations, on trains and buses), in our stores and within our established social media network, already in place; which has been used in our other social cause promotions? Should this campaign be just domestic or global and include our international advertising?
2. Environmental Analysis – the conditions under which we will operate.
During this stage, a SWOT analysis will be performed, to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with matching adoption and the Benetton corporate image. Because we are operating within the framework of a retailer promoting their stores and products, as well as, this social cause, we will address each of the following conditions:
a) What are the internal and external conditions under which this marketing program must operate?
Internally, what is Benetton’s corporate governance policy and how have they handled their promotion of social causes in the past? Because much of Benetton’s social promotion has been so


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