Monitoring Our Home Planet

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Monitoring Our Home Planet
Michael Davis
Argosy University

This paper is being submitted in details the effect that natural disaster has on the planet Earth. Analyzing the impact of potential natural disasters on: geography, resources, politics, economics, and disaster preparedness and how to monitor the future natural disasters.

Monitoring Our Home Planet Natural Disaster has a major impact on the inhabitants that live on the planet Earth. A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples include floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic processes ( Retrieved from That impact in an
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These countries that sit in these subduction zones have made great strides in monitoring and preparation. Minimizing the effect and damage that a tsunami have on a country that lays in those subduction zones countries have upgraded the technology to their monitoring systems. Many years ago the way monitoring was conducted was with buoy relays the message via a satellite data link to a control centre that can issue a warning to vulnerable communities. Technology has made advancement that a new device has been made to better monitor tsunamis. Sonardyne is the new technology that is now being used to monitor tsunami activity. The advantage in using Sonardyne's system over those of other suppliers is that the system is small and self contained and thus easy to deploy. Tsunamis have a great impact on the world in many different ways. In areas where tsunamis have hit the hardiest billions of dollars are poured into the country to get the country re-established. Tourism is an area that will take the biggest impact because of the tsunami. The Asian Tsunami reminds us how external events have a disruptive effect on tourism. The political ramification after the tsunami will help some countries more than others. It will give a country that is more develop the opportunities to mend some fragile relationship with countries. For example after the Japanese tsunami the US sent over billions on funds and aid to mend


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