Sex in the Media

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Sexuality in the media has been a widely discussed topic amongst people for many years. Sexuality isn't portrayed only on television, but in magazines, advertisements, and movies. Is sexuality in media really necessary? Does sex actually help advertising? How do people respond to this? These questions are all important when deciding what is appropriate and what isn't.

People in today's society are largely focused on sexuality. Sexuality is what is hip now and its popularity is getting bigger and bigger, but does it push the envelope in certain advertisements? A lot of people think so. A lot of people believe that sex in advertising is inappropriate and has very bad taste. The images are very influential to people especially
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Although an ad may use a man's body as an attention-getting device, he is usually shown in a romantic rather than sexual perspective.

Television is the second biggest advertisement industry considering millions of people watch T.V. daily. Sexual advertising is no different on T.V. than it is in magazines, except for the fact that it is video and it doesn't leave you wondering like a magazine ad. People will either be offended or completely bought by the risk of using a commercial with sexuality. There are many examples of sex in television commercials that range from showing bare skinned people, sexual movements, gestures, or word. Throughout the years, sex has grown radically on television. It seems every show you see, there is something geared towards sexuality, especially in television sitcoms.

The show Friends is one of the highest ranked television shows in the country. It is a show about a bunch of middle-aged people using sex as a primary issue. Seinfeld was another good example of a high-ranking television show that has sex as an open issue. These shows do draw a big crowd of the viewing audiences, but there are other shows that draw an even bigger crowd. Who Wants to be a Millionaire had the number one spot in television viewing for a while being the highest watched


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