Concert Critique of Coldplay Mylo Xyloto Tour

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Concert Critique—Coldplay Live in Boston 2012

1. Coldplay, arguably one of the most popular alternative rock bands in the last decade, is in the midst of its Mylo Xyloto tour. The band members are the lead singer and keyboardist Chris Martin, the lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, the bassist Guy Berryman, and the drummer Will Champion. They start with the intro to Back to the Future playing at a sold-out TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Clearly, I chose the right concert for several reasons: * I have come to enjoy Coldplay’s music over the last 10 years * I have never witnessed a live Coldplay concert, much less any of the group’s concerts * Chris Martin’s keyboarding skills inspire me, as a pianist * I
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I must say that it was very refreshing to see a musician that is not afraid of mistakes. He wanted the crowd to enjoy themselves even during a mistake and his mistake was very amusing, especially his dialogue to the crowd.
During “Viva la Vida,” Chris Martin was, once again, moving all across the stage. In fact, neither did Buckland, Berryman, nor even Champion sit at all. Martin was intent on getting his mates to enjoy themselves with the crowd, and he did a fantastic job of it. The crown delighted upon hearing the intro to the song, clearly indicating its wait for this song, and Chris Martin took notice at once. He started to wave, bellow, sing, and hold his arm up to get the crowd into it. This even got me clapping my hands and singing along.

6. The visuals of the performance were spectacular and the vibrancy of the sound structure as well as the composing skill of Martin was in full display. I only reached one conclusion: I must see Coldplay in person. The experience seems to have been memorable for everyone in attendance. I would recommend this band to anyone I know, as well as those I do not know so well. This concert stuck with me that much.

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