Saxonville Sausage Recommendation

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interoffice memorandum to: Steve spears, vice president of marketing from: ann banks, product marketing director subject: marketing recommendations for vivio italian sausage date: [ 3/3/2012 ]
I propose a national launch to the market segment of women 20 – 50 years old. I recommend a simple packaging design and a brand position targeting “The Family Connection” and “Tradition”. I would keep the Vivio name. My recommendation for the name is Vivio Italian Sausage from Saxonville. Currently ranked in 7th place, a good marketing plan could change the name ranking. Vivio’s price, currently set above top competitors should remain unchanged. Because the product is “fresh – never frozen” and “locally made”, Vivio should have no problem
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The branding ladder lays out values to be communicated as primary, secondary, and tertiary. Each of these can be used across the different market segments. (See Exhibit 3)
Display Concept – Supermarket display will have a large Italian Flag with “Vivio Italian Sausage” in large letters, followed by “From Saxonville” in smaller letters. (See Exhibit 4) I recommend co-locating fresh vegetables, pasta, and spices in the display case. I would also use coupons in the frozen vegetable and canned food section of the grocery store, directing customers back to the display. I am not recommending co-branding at this stage of the product cycle. I would have in-store cooking samples with recipes included as a “take away” or for those that prefer, provide a web address where they can set up their own on-line recipe library. Ensure “chefs” are well trained in the preparation and uses of “Vivio”. This would lead to advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and the web site. During the Stage 1 launch, I would have a recipe contest and award winners suitably. See Exhibit 5 for sample displays in magazines and in-store graphics. I would also use print advertisement in “women’s magazines” with tear out coupons and directions to for more information.
Completing the launch in this sequence should lead us to great success, with growth in market share,