HRM 4280 Project

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HRM 4280 - Training and Development Project

A1 - Course Description:

This one day course for service users with learning disabilities, aims to introduce them to the company interview process and to develop their skills in simple interviewing techniques. Some areas covered are key features of a good interview, understanding verbal and non-verbal communication and assessing candidates through good questioning. This course will be suitable for service users who are interested becoming more involved in recruiting future employees. On completion this course, will enable service users to be more confident when working in partnership with managers and as well as gaining valuable skills that are applicable in the work place and daily living.
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Trainees will demonstrate their awareness of the course objectives by listing in pairs two interviewer techniques they now feel more competent in.
Final questions
What next?
The trainer will conclude the course and inform trainees about follow up observation and future opportunities to use these skills. Trainees will complete an evaluation form.

A3 – Transfer of Training:

Pre Training
Management – They will meet with the individual and discussed the importance of this training, as it will give them opportunity to gain new skills and demonstrate their skills by representing the organization on interview panels.

Trainee – They will attend the Initial Assessment test and actively engage in discussion about their learning expectations and outcomes.

Trainer – Prepare initial assessment and assess trainee learning needs and motivation to learn and give positive feedback to engage the trainees into the learning process.

During Training
Management – They will actively engage in the training session to gain a good understanding in order to support trainees on the job and to provide workplace specific examples.

Trainee – The trainee is expected to actively engage in the learning activities by preparing workplace specific examples, responding to questions, and participating in group discussion.

Trainer –A conducive learning environment will be provided and each task will be broken into


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