Language Arts Development

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EAT 1 Literacy and Elementary Reading
REAT Task 1
Melissa Williams
June 7, 2012

Language Arts development encompasses many different aspects of learning. There are many theories that suggest the different ways that children learn, but in the end there are six key concepts that each child must master in order to be fully proficient. These are reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and visually representing. These concepts build upon each other and work together to ensure that the child will have a strong educational foundation. Reading begins early in childhood and usually begins with a child learning to recognize things such as store names, signs, logos, and advertisement images. This form of
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This also helps by giving the teacher an immediate opportunity to offer help with areas that a student may be struggling with, always with a caring attitude. Children also have to learn to be active listeners. As their other skills develop, listening takes on a whole new challenge. Now the student is not just hearing words, but as they are exposed to higher levels of reading and vocabulary, listening becomes another form of communication. Listening is more than just hearing what is being spoken; it is the ability to understand what is being said. If a student who only speaks English hears a conversation in Spanish but has no background in that language, there will be little to no understanding as to what is being said therefore no communication. They hear what is being said but cannot decode the speech patterns or vocabulary. That can also be said for everyday speech. Listening is an activity of the mind. Students have to be taught how to be good listeners. They are told from an early age to “put on their listening ears”. By listening, the student learns speech patterns, rhythms, vocabulary, and sentence structure. It is important that parents, caregivers, and teachers model good listening practices with the children in their lives. Listening to an adult read can help a student who is struggling with new words or can help a student who is having trouble understanding other concepts. Listening is harder for


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