Lean Six Sigma Reference Material

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QUESTION 1 Quality is primarily related to satisfaction viewpoint of

Customer Manufacturer Service provider General public all of above

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 2 BPR stands for

Business Process Restructuring Business Process Redefining Business Process Reengineering all of the above none of the above

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 3 Six Sigma relates to

Radical redesign align, improve and maintain remove waste all of the above none of the above
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Discrete Continuous Ordinal Nominal none of the above

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 21 Select type of Probability sampling

Simple random sampling Stratified random sampling Systematic sampling Cluster sampling all of the above

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 22 A sample that will lead to incorrect conclusions about the population and which will not be representative of the population is

Clustered Biased Random Stratified random none of the above

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 23 ______is the square of standard deviation.

variance Coefficient of error Standard error Probability none of the above

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 24 ______ test is performed on the data to understand its normality characteristics

Anderson-Darling normality test t- test f- test all of the above none of the above

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 25 Short Term


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