Religion 111 Study Questions Week 1

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REL 111
Questions For Review
Chapters 3, 4, 5

Chapter 3
Q1. What levels of meaning can be found in Genesis 1.1-2.4a?
This passage gives meaning to the first creation story. It gives the order of how God created everything over the first six days starting with light and ending with the creation of animals and humans.

Q2. What are the similarities and differences between the biblical and the Babylonian presentations of cosmic beginnings?
The similarities between biblical and Babylonian beginnings are that there is a God of the bible and a god of the Enuma Elish known as Marduk. Both of these gods in each of their stories is the creator of the earth and everything that is known today. One of the differences is that below Marduk
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The difference between the sources is that the J version the flood only lasted 40 days and 40 nights and the flood is caused by rain. In the P source the flood lasts a full year, and the flood is a result from an undoing of creation.

Q4. How are these themes connected with the accounts of creation in Genesis 1-3?

Chapter 5

Q1. What are the principal themes of J, E, and P in Genesis 12-50?
The overall theme in Genesis 12-50 is the four generations, and the books following the focus to just the Exodus from Egypt.

Q2. Does the Documentary Hypothesis fully explain the existence of similar stories in Genesis 12-50? Why or why not?
In this section the stories do not include enough examples of there possibly being a second or a third source for the stories. It is mostly written by the J source.

Q3. What other kinds of analysis can be used to further understanding of these passages and their relationships to each other?
A different form of analysis that can be used to understand the passages relationships to each other would be the use of form criticism.

Q4. How do the passages contribute to the larger narrative of Genesis?
They intend to pass on historical information while leading the reader to a deeper understanding of the nature of God and his relationship with his people.

Q5. Discuss the importance of the Ugaritic texts for understanding both the ancestral narrative and the


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