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Name: Smith, Stephen Grade: LCpl Date: Section: .

Book Title: Rifleman Dodd Author: C.S. Forester

Why I chose this book: Originally this book was given to me by on of my combat instructors in Marine Combat Training(MCT). I wanted to read it but soon found it impossible due to certain time constraints. I lost the book during the transition from M.O.S. school to my current residence. Just recently, I obtained another copy of this book from a fellow Marine who currently works in the same shop.

Give a brief description about this book: “Rifleman Dodd” is a novel written on the account of a certain British foot soldier of the “Ninety-Fifth Foot” named Matthew Dodd who encounters
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Sergeant Godinot failed to successfully ambush rifleman Dodd's men while on a goat path on a narrow hillside. One of the sergeant's men lost his bearing while being shot at, causing them both to become distracted from realizing the apparent danger lurking nearby. Dodd taking advantage of the situation was able to kill all but two of the men in Godinot's squad.

How can the lessons learned be used today?: It's simply common knowledge that these and other lessons would be used in modern day warfare. However, it may be very difficult to perform the tasks needed to produce the desired result. For example, cover and concealment was used by Dodd in order for him to keep in seclusion and hidden from enemy's sight or hearing. This concept might be much harder to apply with today's technological advances such as sniper-rifle scopes and radars but it still plays a vital role in military installations and with military personnel. In addition, guerrilla warfare, although considered somewhat dishonorable, can be extremely effective if used in combat. It, alone, might not only physically incapacitate troops but also may mentally affect a troop's morale. One well planned surprise attack could send even the most organized squad into a complete panic by essentially causing combat ineffectiveness. This type of attack is quite frequently used by terrorist organizations, whereas in this story the main character uses this method as a tactical