Understand Person Centered Approaches in Adult Social Care Settings Units 207 and HSC 026

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Person centred values means the people whom we support are able to be involved and included in every aspect of their care and support. For example: * Their needs, * Assessments, * Care delivery, and, * Support planning.
“… there are no easy remedies in social work, especially when we are confronted daily with oppression and deprivation…” (Trevithick, 1)
So basically person centred approaches, policies and procedures and care practices should put the residents at the centre of the day-to-day activities. It should also include the residents and their families in the planning and
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Therefore, you must find out exactly what people want and expect from the care and support they are planning. Person-centred working means that service provision fits around the person – not the other way around. If you are going to work with someone, it is important that you know as much about them as possible.” (Nolan, 157)
“When a person is admitted to an inpatient or residential setting, or becomes part of a care practitioner’s case load, care workers tend to focus on the person’s current situation. However, past experiences are a strong influence on a person’s behaviour and functioning, and it is important to understand these too if care or support is to be appropriate and beneficial.” (Collins, 162)
When working in a person-centred way, the individuals become the centre of all thinking and activities. To do this properly and effectively we need to know about the individuals we support, and to be able to do this correctly we need to know about their life histories. “Person-centred working is about putting people in control of their lives. This may be a new experience for many people who have been using services for many years, but have always had to fit in with the system and services that were available at the time.” (Nolan, 158)
So when looking at preferences, wishes, needs and the histories of the individuals, we have several choices and these are to either look up in


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