we the millennials

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We the Millennials Seventy five percent of the Millennials have a profile on a social networking site, which is almost greater than all three of the previous generations combined. Generation X, the Boomer Generation, and the Silent generation percentages combine up to only eighty six percent of having a profile on social networking, (Pew). This is mainly because they don’t have access to a computer. Many Millennials are spoiled, narcissistic and lazy due to the technology and bad parenting from Generation X. The Millennials are very narcissistic due to the influence of Social Media. Joel Stein claimed that the narcissistic personality disorder is nearly three times higher for people in their twenties than …show more content…

One can watch television, play the XBOX 360, listen to the iPod, and even talk on the phone. Instead of talking to one’s friends or family in real life one can simply send a text message, or just call them. Cellphones are encouraging less social interaction in real life because of the services they provide. One can see or talk to anyone just by logging on to any social media websites and connect with people. The Millennials are spoiled by their parents, the Generation X, to buy whatever they desire. You may think that these Millennials only have one device but many Millennials have more than two.
The invention of many new technological items are meant to help reduce the time needed to complete a task, but the time saved for the Millennials often go to waste. Based on the research by the Public Policy Research (IPPR) teenagers are spending by average more than twenty hours a week online surfing the web, not only that but many teenagers stay up into the early hours of the morning waiting and texting their friends. (Daily Record) That is twenty hours a week just online, teenagers spend almost one day a week on their computer doing unproductive activities most of the time. If the Millennials’ parents limit the amount of time the Millennials can spend on the computer, many hours of their lives may be more productive. Most Millennials have a cellphone,


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