Book Review: China in 21st Century

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Book Review: China in 21st Century

China in the 21st Century written by Jeffery N. Wasserstrom was published in 2010 with the purpose to clear up the misconceptions that many Westerners have towards China. Wasserstrom adds insights of each issue revealing the truth providing readers with a basic knowledge of China. Jeffery N. Wasserstrom is one of the writers/ scholars on China today. He is a specialist in Chinese History in a wide range of topics ranging from the globalization affects urban life to popular culture to American views of Asia. He has also published several books on the topics of China (Wasserstrom).
The book is relatively short of 135 pages which seemed almost impossible to summarize the vast history of China to it’s
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Many comparisons were provided such as the point of views of The Chinese vs. U.S on Tibet, and China’s way of governing comparing to the Brave New World and 1984. Within each comparison, it forms a strong evidence base to support the purpose of the chapter. By laying out different viewpoints, it protects the author from the fear of falling into the trap of biased statements.
Not only did the author include the misconceptions of the U.S of the Chinese, but he also provided a brief section of vice versa. Within the section, the Chinese seem to unable to appreciate difference of U.S and Chinese media systems. This shows the different priorities of the two countries and the power China has in order to focus on positive developments of China. Within each difference, China’s way of media systems are essentially to protect PRC from the wrong interpretation with news information.
The author used George Orwell’s 1984 (1949) and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932) illustrating the different approaches that the Chinese government has exercised in the recent years. The two books acted as useful references to understand the complexity of the Chinese Politics. However, the vague explanations of the two books made it difficult to grasp onto the full state of the Chinese government.
In conclusion, China in 21st century is a short brief book to educate students and travelers about China. The unique approach of using FAQ format to create a question that people typically


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