Goertz Business Plan 2

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Business Plan #II
Dusti Goertz
BMAL 603 – B02
I. Executive Summary
Isn’t it frustrating when you go into a dollar store and are not able to find many products which are actually priced $1.00? In my proposed venture, that wouldn’t be the case. Items priced at .99 would be the rule, instead of the exception. This store’s, name is The .99 Wonderland. The dollar store customer is a complex individual. According to Businessweek, through the use of a product which tracks where consumers shop, those who frequent the dollar store are not necessarily who you think they are. This study showed that individuals who shopped at ‘true’ dollar stores were the same ones who frequented other outlets including Trader Joe’s, Panera Bread, and
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The use of Guerilla Marketing will most definitely be utilized. Through mimicking the sales and marketing campaigns which have been successfully utilized by other larger and established dollar stores, I hope to be able to get more ‘bang’ for my ‘buck’ where advertising is concerned. (Allen, 2012) Another obvious choice for advertising avenue is that of social media. This potentially free method of advertising can be great for getting the word out about my new location. Getting involved with specific local groups on Facebook, Twitter, etc. will not only aid in the discovery of my firm, but also enable me to let customers feel the company’s core values through individualized communication ‘with’ the store.
Being that The. 99 Wonderland will be located in a rural area, approximately 15-20 miles away from the next general merchandise store, the advertising mediums will be a little ‘scarce’. The utilization of the local papers will be a ‘must’. Being that I, along with the other partners, have an existing business relationship with the local events reporters from both of the local papers, the connection has already been established. A press release will definitely be utilized by The .99 Wonderland. Anytime a new firm opens, the local papers ‘cover’ the grand opening. This free local advertising, along with the information which will be provided in the