Ethics and morales in the supploy chain

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Ethics and Morales in the Supply Chain of Making a T-Shirt
Jeremiah S. Bencker

In This paper I will cover how ethics morals and laws impact the people in the supply chain of making clothing. I will cover how the introduction of labor unions has impacted the working conditions and the lives of the workers in the garment making industry. I will also go over what you as a consumer can do to ensure that the products you buy are not adding to the problem.
Ethics and Morales in the Supply Chain of Making a T-Shirt
The apparel industry has historically relied on a contracting system that has allowed brand-name companies to eschew legal liability for the working conditions of those who actually sew their garments. A race to the
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Bangladesh has become one of the world's leading suppliers of apparel and today, garments represent more than 80 per cent of the country's export economy. Rather, it's a global problem fuelled by our desire for "fast fashion" whereby clothing trends can be copied, manufactured and in the stores in a matter of weeks. The solution is not to abandon Bangladesh or other countries like it but rather for companies and consumers to practically reassess how manufacturing is done, the timeline for doing it and for each of us to increase our awareness as consumers of the way our goods are made. In the last year since the Rana Plaza building collapse, there have been two significant initiatives (developed in concert with a number of high-profile global clothing brands) established to improve working conditions in Bangladesh's garment factories. (Nolan, 2014)
H&M, the largest clothing producer in Bangladesh, was one of the first international retailers to agree to sign a labor-backed proposal that requires the public disclosure of factory-inspection results and for companies to finance renovations and repairs, among other things. Among U, S.-based retailers, Abercrombie & Fitch is the only one so far to have agreed to the plan. Wal-Mart announced its own plan that includes inspections of the factories that it uses and to publicly release the results. (O'Donnell & Mitchell, 2013) As a consumer it can be an uphill battle to ensure you