Business Innovation Case Study: Portugal Telecom

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Case study: Portugal Telecom
Portugal Telecom (PT) is a global telecommunications operator with a portfolio covering all segments of the market, personal, residential, SOHO / SME, corporate and wholesale and all technological solutions, fixed, mobile, multimedia, data and corporate. With 74 million customers, PT has a diversified portfolio of assets in 14 countries, including Portugal, Brazil and high growth international markets, including the subSaharan Africa. The company has 33,000 employees of which 11,000 are in Portugal.
In March 2009, PT launched the ‘Open’ project with the aim of ‘industrialising’ the innovation process, to
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With each passing day, we believe even more firmly that to fulfill our mission , achieve our vision and show our values people who are part of our team is an advantage unique competitive . Our people are unique and generate value.
In a sector as challenging as telecommunications, change happens "assapar" and therefore believe in people with "fiber "to win our battles, because we know that only people can turn threats into opportunities, problems solutions and dreams in reality.
We are large, we are leaders and we believe in the value of our people. So we bet on talent. Talent as synonymous with excellence, but also of passion. Talent like positive attitude, knowledge, thoroughness and initiative. Passion for wear our jerseys.
In companies PT, all people have because we have all the people . Because our greatest happiness is to contribute to the happiness of our people.
Individual Performance Assessment
To comprise the best management teams and encourage strategies of talent rotation allows for the growth, motivation and development of Human Assets, thus making Portugal Telecom more just and competitive. These are the concepts that establish the new PT model of Individual Performance Analysis that aims at promoting mobility, investing in training and attracting talents. In 2003 PT created a transversal system for the management of PT Human Assets: a new model common to the companies comprising the PT corporate universe that would align principles


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