Assignment 3: Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution

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Module 1 Assignment 3
SCI201 Ecology and Environmental Sustainability
Argosy University

The Industrial Revolution, which took place in the 18th to the 19th centuries, was an era during which essentially uncultivated, rural societies in America and other countries became industrial and urban. Before the Industrial Revolution, which began in Britain during the late 1700s, construction was mostly done by using hand tools or basic machines. Mechanization marked a shifted to powered, special-purpose machinery, factories and mass production. The iron and textile industries, onward with flowering of the steam engine, played important roles in the Industrial Revolution, which also saw improved systems of transportation, communication and
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Coal was a cheap energy source and was generally used in homes for cooking and heating but since the Industrial Revolution it became a very cheap fuel source for trains and other things. By the 1890s, the coal industry stretched from the Appalachian Mountains, across the Midwestern prairies, to the Cascades and Rockies, making the United States the largest coal producer (, 2014). Coal’s impact was typically powerful in the industrial sector. Poor people were forced to buy dirtier and cheaper coal, while wealthier people regularly enjoyed the perks of coals-derived assembled electricity and gas. The iron industry began in areas where there were lots of forests since it was cheaper to use wood to make fuel such as charcoal. The textile industry played a major role during the Industrial Revolution as well. The demand for cloth expanded and many merchants were in competition with one another for supplies to make their living. By everyone in the textile industry being in competition, it was hard for consumers because the products were sold at a higher price. The solution to fix this problem was to start using machines, which was cheaper than items made by hand, which took more time to than it would by a machine. Francis Cabot Lowell set up the first American textile factory in


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