the five enduring issues

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The Five Enduring Issues
Essay Number 1

Psychology is a science that has different fields and subfields. It’s also an evolving science that keeps changing and many fields are added to constantly. What holds these fields and unifies them is something called “the five enduring issues.” The five Enduring issues are the backbone that holds psychology together. These issues are shared by all psychologists as a common interest and overlap in all fields and subfields of psychology. The first issue is “Person – Situation.” This issue deals with wither behavior is caused by internal traits such as thoughts, emotions, motives, attitudes, and personality or external situations such as behavior of
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It got to the point where I got hit almost every day. My brother used to torture me so much starting from not allowing me to play with my games and toys to hitting me for reason or no reason. I got scared of everything. I stopped exploring and I got so afraid of people that I would rather stay in my room and not see anyone. As a teenager I was in my room alone either sleeping or watching TV. And I think that what made become shy and afraid to talk to people which apply to the second part of the second enduring issue, Nurture. On the other hand, when I look at my family’s history, I see that a lot of them are shy and just like me avoid social life which raise the question of whether I was born with this problem. Was this problem inherited? This applies to the first part of the second enduring issue, Nature. I don’t know which one caused the problem but I think that my family had a great and direct effect in making me have that problem. Finally, even though they are debatable, I think the enduring issues are keys to start pointing on the psychological problems and start trying to solve


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