Chapter 11 · Content Analysis: Understanding Text and Image Additional Resources

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Chapter 11 · Content Analysis: Understanding Text and Image
Additional Resources

Bailey, A. A. (2006). A year in the life of the African-American male in advertising. Journal of Advertising, 35(1), 83–104

A contemporary example of content analysis of advertising.

Bales, R. (1950). Interaction process analysis: A method for the study of small groups. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.
An introduction to group processes and roles.

Berelson, B. (1952). Content analysis in communication research. New York: Free Press.

A pioneering text on content analysis.

Chandler, D. (2002). Semiotics: The basics. London: Routledge.

An overview of semiotics. Shows how language and signs cannot be regarded as neutral carriers of meaning.

Cooks, L., Orbe,
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Note that Aristotle addressed the need to frame messages in the language of one’s audience, so credibility is relative. One would first need to decide who the audience is and then to assess Sam’s credibility from the perspective of that audience rather than the researcher’s.

What might contribute to how a public of potential car buyers’ might view Sam’s credibility? We might look at Sam’s claims to expertise in automobiles, claims to longevity such as “serving the community for 30 years,” and direct claims such as “you can trust me.” We might also look at such imagery as dress or behavior and decide whether a loud Hawaiian shirt or posing with a dog adds to Sam’s credibility. First appearances notwithstanding, the shirt and the dog may well contribute to credibility if his intent is to be seen as informal, friendly and credible to a car-buying public with a preference for casual wear and dogs.

Examining the advertisements for pathos involves identifying the emotional appeals in use. Emotion might be associated with Sam’s expressed delight and happiness at being able to offer buyers such a great deal, the pleasure and ease of the purchasing process and the emotional appeals associated with the product.

Appeals to pathos or emotion might include the sense of recapturing one’s youth by buying that sporty two-door XK500, the comfort of keeping one’s children safe by buying the model with more airbags than any


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