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Eco Leather production in Apex Group Ltd.

A contemporary business case

Student Name Md. Mostain Belal

ID Number

Topic Area
Environmental Issue

Project Title
Production of Eco Leather by using the latest Technology in Apex Tannery Ltd.

Background to the Project
Leather is created by tanning hides and skins of animals; primarily cattle hide. Generally tanning (series of chemical operation) of leather involves using heavy metals like chrome which is later on discharged in the rivers near the tanneries polluting the water and soil causing hazardous intoxications to the human beings, and environment
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Therefore, we deem it to be necessary to have complimentary products in the range in order to minimize the seasonality effect".

Synthetic blends (conventional tanning) of leather products will lower the production costs. But they are likely to cause ecological damage as most of them are not biodegradable. Ecological leather focuses on the tanning process, and hence these products enhance the skin with beautiful textures, and finishes.

So, by utilizing the latest technology, available raw materials and cheap labour, Apex Tannery Ltd will able to produce the E-Leather and can compete with other leather producing countries especially China, India, Italy, and Japan. Throughout this project the Company will be able –
To maximize its annual turnover
To compete in the world leather market
To make best quality leather
To maximize its annual profit
To make skilled manpower
To contribute the national economy
To create a new market for E- Leather

Leather is now considered as a symbol of luxury and fashion, and has engraved a niche for itself in the fashion industry. Ecological leather provides the market with products that posses high demand performance, and also minimizes the ecological footprint during the manufacturing process.
By completing this Project I will be able –
To make a new Product Development Project in future
To handle a new Project in my practical job
To make some Project Management strategy myself
To make


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