capstone exam. pt. 3

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Capstone Examination Part 3
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1. The ability to meet humanity’s needs without harming future generations is now a top priority in most corporate agenda ethics rules sustainability (Strategy Mgt, 13th ed, p. 290) righteousness 2. This is a historically popular technique through which managers create a quick overview of a company's strategic situation—it is based on achieving a sound fit between internal resources and the external situation.
External analysis
Value chain analysis
Internal analysis
SWOT analysis (Strategy Mgt, 13th ed, p. 149)

3. New-to-the-world products are ________. new products that create an entirely new market (MKT-571, Framework for Mkt Mgt, 3e, p. 183) existing products that are
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One of the ways to change the course of a brand is to modify the product. Under product modification, ________ adds size, weight, materials, supplements, and accessories that expand the product’s performance, versatility, safety, or convenience. feature improvement (MKT-571, Marketing Mgt 12e, p. 328) style improvement technological improvement quality improvement

20. Firms using this generic strategy attempt to build customer loyalty by stressing a specific product attribute above other product qualities.
Differentiation (Strategy Mgt, 13th ed, p. 197)
Cost leadership
Concentrated growth

21. A set of ideas on organizational control based on the belief that the separation of the ownership from management creates the potential for the wishes of owners to be ignored refers to
Adam’s theory the moral hazard problem agency theory (Strategy Mgt, 13th ed, p. 38) ethical responsibilities

22. A firm must know where to position its product based on price and
Quality (MKT-571, Framework for Mkt Mgt, 3e, p. 219) region communication promotional efforts

23. A valuable result of task environment analysis with respect to geographic, demographic, psychographic and buyer-behavior factors is called vendor profile financial position competitor profile customer profile (Strategy Mgt, 13th ed, p. 112)

24. Which control should periodically reassess its approach to the marketplace with a good marketing audit?
Ethical control


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