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Ghana SWOT Analysis as a Potential Tourist Destination
Todd Breen
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However, these are not easily accessible areas because the air travel is in Accra. Additionally, travel by air to Ghana is in itself an adventure. According to one travel site:
Service provided by a number of regional air carriers, including Ghana Airways, is reported to be unreliable. The airlines are known to alter scheduled stops, cancel or postpone flights on short notice, and regularly overbook flights. Travelers may experience unexpected delays even after checking in and should be prepared to handle alternate ticketing and/or increased food and lodging expenses (GhanaWeb, 2012).
Travel by road systems and rail is difficult at best. Roadways outside of the major cities are unpaved, and travel at night is extremely dangerous. Travel by rail is limited to major regional capitals. It is possible to get to the Ashanti region from Accra where there is a large market attraction. However, there is limited travel to areas with many historical landmarks such as Takaoradi. Ghana’s lack of hotels is a weakness and the limited number of hotels outside of the capital constrains the growth of the tourist industry. While many travelers may endure the arduous trip to reach some of the more remote sites of historical and natural interests, only the hardiest will want to stay in substandard housing.

External Analysis
Opportunities. One opportunity that Ghana can explore is to combine the different experiences within the


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