We Googled You

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Case We googled you
The problem that we need to evaluate is the recruitment practices for a new position in the country of China for the company Hathaway Jones.
Fred Western is the CEO of Hathaway Jones. He is interested in hiring Mimi Brewster for the new division he is planning to open in China. Mimi Brewster grew up in China, speaks Mandarin and a local dialect. Mimi’s education background includes an MBA from Stanford University and her experience includes the re-launching of two brands from the largest clothing company in the United States. While Fred was seriously considering Mimi for the position, the VP of Human Resources, Virginia Flanders was conducting the usual background check with a twist. Virginia was also doing an online
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However, this should be done only after the candidate has signed a consent agreement with a clear explanation on the searches that the company will perform. If the company does the same research for the candidates for the same position, the company minimizes the risk of being accused of discrimination. All candidates for the same position should have the same background checks based on the policy established by the HR personnel. We noticed that the company, Hathaway, is committed to open their business in China. They have done the proper analysis in the market they are going to enter and even earmarked millions of dollars for the opportunity to open new stores in the selected cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Now the problem that we see as consultants is that the company does not have a proper job description for the position in China. The responsibilities and resources this employee is going to control and monitor are not clear. Also, what are the measures Hathaway will be using to evaluate the employee performance? Before they start interviewing candidates, the company should answer these questions. The managers at Hathaway Jones should have a clear understanding of the responsibilities and requirements for the position. If the company fails to provide this information to the candidates they are setting the potential employee to fail. The company is not communicating effectively what they are expecting from this employee and how they expect the


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