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Strategic Planning In the economy today every business has a need for a strategic plan. Strategic plans are most vital for small businesses to have a strategic plan because they comprise the majority of local businesses and are more likely not to survive. No matter if the business is small or large it is important to keep this plan updated and evaluated to the businesses current standings. Typically a plan should focus on the following two to three years when it is being created.
Kudler Fine Foods One current problem that Kudler Fine Foods has is that the strategic plan is not current, it does not fit the company’s current make up, and the owner is too involved in each store location to concentrate on the company’s long term
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This timeline should be specific but allow for variations (MacVicar, 1996). Last and most important is developing all employees to have an understand and buy-in to the plan. The more the employees understand the better the plan, the more success will be observed. By allowing the employees to have a part in the plan the owner is empowering them to put forth more effort to its success and have a stake in its success. However, the most responsibility is on the owner. The survival of the business and the jobs of the employees depend on owner being able to follow the strategic plan. If the company exceeds the timeline stated then it would be time to create another plan (Steel, 1991)
End Vision The end vision for Kudler Fine Foods would be to have independent locations with a unified mission. With a reevaluation of the strategic plan it could allow for this. Understanding current operations is important to this vision. With buying products in bulk for all three stores can be cost effective but not efficient in the current method. All three stores could make orders to a central location then placed after consolidated then redistributed when they arrive. This method would only work if the stores were relatively close together. Additionally this vision would allow the owner more time to focus on the expansion and mission of the company by allowing the managers more ownership in the store. This time gained


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