EMS Implementation and Monitoring for Riordan Manufacturing

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EMS Implementation and Monitoring for Riordan Manufacturing
Katrice Bottoms
September 20, 2011
Kevin Williams

Executive Summary
The competitive environment in today’s business world poses many dangers to the sustainability of the biosphere, which is so vital to life. Business organizations have a responsibility to help sustain and preserve the environment for future generations. Corporations must take initiative in developing business plans that incorporate sustainable business practices into the strategic direction of the organization. Successful achievement of a sustainable business plan also requires identification of barriers to implementation and development of strategies to overcome such barriers. In addition, to
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To improve its sustainability practices, Riordan Manufacturing must identify and implement technologies, strategies, or products relevant to these issues. A major threat to the environment is the emission of dangerous gases and agents into the air through the production of materials. Particulates from the mixing process in each of the plants as well as spent cleaners and mold release agents create air pollution from volatile organic compound emissions. These emissions are nonsustainable because of their harmful effects to the ozone layer and the organisms that live within the biosphere. The United States is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases worldwide (Environmental Research, Inc., 2011). Furthermore, the United States has off-shored its emission problems to the rest of the world by moving operations of manufacturing plants to foreign countries. Research indicates that polycyclic carbons are responsible for the higher incidences of lung cancer in employees working in foundry plants (BBC, 2011). Because Riordan locations are foundry plants, the exposure of employees to these dangerous air pollutants increases their susceptibility of risk to lung cancer. The sustainability plan for Riordan Manufacturing should address the dangers of air pollution. Furthermore, the organization must take a proactive approach to reducing the emission of dangerous toxics to the