safety and sanitation in the kitchen

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Safety and Sanitation in the Kitchen

Safety in the kitchen means using precautionary methods in the kitchen to prevent an accident. Most accident in the kitchen is due to carelessness.

Safety Procedures:

Basic Rules of Kitchen Safety

1. Wear appropriate, clean clothing on the lab days.
2. Never cook in loose clothes and keep long hair tied back.
3. Store knives in a wooden block or in a drawer.
4. Keep potholder nearby and use them.
5. Don’t let temperature-sensitive foods sit out in the kitchen.
6. Separate raw meat and poultry from other items whenever you use or store them.
7. When possible use a kitchen tool, not your hands to complete tasks.
8. Wipe up spills immediately. Keep the floor dry so that no one slips
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Your kitchen is probably more than just a place to cook and eat. You may choose to include a breakfast bar, desk, bookshelves, computer station, a TV or whatever in your kitchen.

Triangle reloaded The work triangle however is experiencing a remodel of its own. The work triangle was designed for an age when there was only one cook, and only three appliances (fridge, stove, sink).

Here are a few top tips:
No leg of the triangle is supposed to be less than 4 feet or more than 9 feet.
There should be no human (well, or non human, of course) traffic flow cutting through the triangle.
Place the microwave near the refrigerator for convenience
Walk space should be 42″ wide to account for traffic flow and clearance of large appliance doors or large relatives
Counter space on either side of the range or cooktop should be a minimum of 15 inches
An 18-inch counter should be adjacent to the fridge on the same side as the handle
The food prep area (minimum counter space 36 inches) is ideally located between the fridge and the sink; if the food prep area is between the sink and the range or cook top, it will involve more travel.
A lower surface is best for food prep (measure 7 to 8 inches below your elbow height)
In two-cook kitchens, the fridge and range/cook top are usually shared.
Two triangles can share a leg, but shouldn’t overlap
An island with a second sink creates at least one more triangle, and


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