Plastic Surgery

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How Plastic Surgery Helped Reshape the World

As we see throughout the years, plastic surgery also known as cosmetic surgery has become more and more popular every year. Plastic surgery has increased to nine percent from 2000 to 2001. There are many various types of procedures that could make the body the way the person prefers it to be. The most popular surgeries that are performed include facial reconstruction, liposuction, breast implant, arm, thigh, and many more. The word "plastic" in "plastic surgery" does not mean "artificial", but it comes from the Greek word "plastikos", which means to give shape or to form. Though the revolution of plastic surgery is very well known in today's society, the invention of plastic surgery can not
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The World War helped move plastic surgery to a higher level, compared to skin grafting in 800 B.C. At this time physicians had never been required to treat so many and such extensive facial and head injuries. By the 19th century many methods were introduced in the plastic surgery field which was anesthesia. Anesthesia had become a wonderful break through in the plastic surgery field by eliminating painful procedures by putting the patient to sleep during surgery. Anesthesia is the process of blocking the perception of pain and other sensations. This allows patients to undergo surgery and other procedures without the distress and pain they would otherwise experience.
Anesthesia was first successfully used in 1845, and as the years progressed many advances in anesthetics had advanced in time for the war victims with serious reconstructive injuries. Plastic Surgery finally gained a respectable place in the medical profession resulting in the development of private clinics and doctor's offices. There were also the negative effects of plastic surgery which resulted with some devastating failures leading to death and numerous lawsuits. Also military plastic surgery centers were established and played an important role in the advancement of plastic surgery techniques and also with the training of the next generation of plastic surgeons. By the end of the war, more than twenty facilities were established close to the fighting in Europe to manage


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