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The food and beverage department is a much known part of the hospitality industry. In restaurants, 70% of the profit would mostly come from the consumption of the beverages from the bar. With the people’s fascination when it comes to wines, cocktails and other beverages combined with good music, this makes the bars a very popular destination to the market.
Now, there is new innovation of the bars which is a concept called Mobile Bars It is making a new name for itself as it continues to be more in demand in the market. Mobile Bars are efficient and professional business with extensive experience in the hospitality industry.
Most mobile bars are run on a part time basis by people
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Local Source According to Bartenders at Work Mobile Bar (2013), mobile bars are focused on providing the needs of a high quality bartending service and customer satisfaction. These are the things that chores out of throwing a party and allow you to truly enjoy yourself. Mobile bars assist you to create a drink, mixing a cocktail, and serving them to your guests. Mobile bars also accommodate your needs from small intimate events, to extravagant bashes. According to Weddings in the Philippines (2013), Mobile bars add gaiety to the occasion by providing concoctions presented and served in a fun yet tasteful manner to guests. Mobile bars serve almost all types of local and/or international drinks, such as “mocktails” “mock cocktails that are non-alcoholic), shooters, beers, iced tea, fruit juices, wine and champagne- practically any beverage to suit all guests young and old. These drinks are all prepared on the spot via a portable bar with complete accessories and including the services of a bar manager, bartenders, and bar helpers. Beverage attendants are also assigned to guest tables. Most mobile bar suppliers provide different packages with different offers. Packages can be customized to follow the each time. Suppliers also allow the client to taste the drinks to be