Decision Analysis Task 1

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1. I recommend that the Rugged Boot assembly line be rearranged to provide a more efficient process. Based on the diagram provided by Catherine Pang showing the layout of the production line, the current line uses eight stations. I determined the efficiency by using the following formula:

Efficiency = _____________Σ Task times___________________ (actual number of work stations) x (largest cycle time)

The total task time for the work boot assembly is 46 minutes. The actual number of work stations is currently 8 and the largest cycle time is 10 minutes. Based on these numbers the assembly line is operating at 57.5% efficiency. To determine how to better improve the assembly line efficiency, it is
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C. Using the assignment method I was able to come up with job assignments for each operator. I used the three step process outlined in Chapter 15 of the Heizer Operations Management textbook. Step 1a and 1b involve subtracting the lowest number from each number of each row and column respectively from the table provided by Dieter Handel. Step 2 is drawing the minimum number of horizontal and vertical lines needed to cover all zeros. Step 3 calls for subtracting the smallest uncovered number from every other uncovered number and adding it to the numbers at the intersection of lines. Step 2 is then repeated to cover all zeros. Then based on the cost associated with the original table assignments are made. Machine operator 1 will be assigned job 1, operator 2 job 2, operator 3 job 4 and operator 4 job 3.

1. A copy of my Excel OM Short-term Scheduling worksheet is attached as Part C.

a. I used the Excel OM worksheet because it best portrays the assignment process work I did by hand as described above. It clearly shows the optimal job assignments for each operator and the total costs associated with utilizing these assignments. D. There are many techniques and rules that can be used to improve efficiency of movement. We will focus on a few of tools. The first is job scheduling which is important to minimize costs, idle time and completion time.


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