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Willbros Group, Inc. is a global contractor specializing in energy infrastructure serving the oil, gas and power industries. Their offerings include engineering, procurement and construction, refinery turnarounds, pipeline construction, and pipeline to the US government and companies worldwide. Currently, Willbros employs over 3,000 employees of which 1,000 work in manufacturing locations across the states and the world. The manufacturing managers recently stressed the inconvenience of having employees going to Human Resources to update or seek benefit information which they can easily obtain online during breaks, lunch or off hours, but because of inadequate system knowledge, employees expressed the conform of going directly
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One prediction indicates that 40% of the employees happen to work in production and lack the ability to operate a computer. Obtaining enough feedback from Appendix A, results in adequate information to determine if it’s a lack of knowledge or inadequate training. The person needs analysis identified gaps between a person's current capabilities and those identified as necessary or desirable (Jackson/Randall 2010).

Transfer of Training
Alex Bates from Moving Beyond the Barriers said that to evaluate the effectiveness of training, measures are made at the end of training to determine how much the trainee has learned, immediately on the job to assess initial improvement from training, and at a later time (Bates 2003). And that is exactly what we would like to implements by having identical elements in our training that will effectively measure a positive outcome from the Center of Excellence Training. Please see Appendix B for the training schedule.

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We will cover all HR applications available on the web from applying for FMLA and vacation time to updating information and printing. Giving real life scenarios will increase the employee desire to manipulate and seek for information on their own. During the training we will also implement Near Transfer. To begin the validation process of effective Transfer of Training, Yamhill