Being an other

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In her essay “Being an Other” Melissa Algranati talks about how she didn’t know what race category she belonged to because of her ethnic background. Algranati’s father was born in Alexandria, Egypt and her mother was born in Maniti, Puerto Rico. She is a product of marriage, and her race is a Puerto Rican Egyptian Jew. She explains how her upbringing was different because of her parents’ different racial barriers. Algranati’s supports her issue and also gives emotional appeal about her childhood. By being different because she is a blend of multiple cultures Algranati and her parents had to face reality of growing up with a different ethnic background in America society.

Algranati has a strong tone because she explains how she was
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Society is already struggling when it comes to social class. Unfortunately, the disputes about race and where someone thinks you belong in society are very cruel because everyone just wants the best opportunities for survival. America is the land of the free, and no one should be denied the freedom to live a better life.

With multicultural marriages giving way to mixed children, the families are being caught in the cross fire. Algranati may have been faced with different issues but in the end she embraced who she is. She may have not been an “All American Girl” but she has a place within society as a Puerto Rican Egyptian Jew. Life is a journey, no one wants to be singled out or treated cruelly because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity, but it happens practically every day. As far as this world has come, people still deal with race and social acceptance. Until society realizes, that the value of life is honesty and respect for one another, there will always be friction. When will this society be all about love and compassion for one another?
As human beings, all are created equally, so really no race is higher than the other. Society needs to learn how to support one another and learn to get along with each other. Most people want to be loved; if people learn to appreciate others not based on their outer appearance then society will be a much better place.
Algranati, Melissa. “Being an Other” from Becoming American,


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