Fair Credit Reporting Act and Personal Finance

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Essentials of Personal Finance
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This course provides an overview of the elements necessary for effective personal financial planning and the opportunity to apply the techniques and strategies essential to this understanding. Primary areas of study include creating and managing a personal budget, understanding and paying taxes, working with financial institutions, wise use of credit cards and consumer loans, financing automobiles and homes, and the use of insurance for protecting one’s family and property.


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3.2 Recognize signs of credit trouble.
3.3 Identify parts of a credit report.
3.4 Recognize student loan options and implications for the future.
3.5 Explain interest rates.
3.6 Outline the decision process for buying a car or house.
3.7 Summarize the steps in buying a home.
Reading Read Ch. 6 of Personal Finance.
Reading Read Ch. 7 of Personal Finance.
Reading Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.
Participation Participate in class discussion. Post at least two substantive posts on four separate days of the week 2
Discussion Questions Respond to weekly discussion questions. Reply to at least three DQs for the week 2
Fair Credit Reporting Act and Avoiding Scams Go to the Building a Better Credit Report page of the Federal Trade Commission website

Read sections 1 (on the Fair Credit Reporting Act) and 4 (on scams).
Nongraded Activities and Preparation
Buy or Lease? Go to the “Buy or Lease?” calculator at the following link: http://wps.prenhall.com/wps/media/objects/6969/7137133/fin-calcs/BuyvsLease.html Nongraded Activities and Preparation
Time Value of Money Find a Time Value of Money calculator on the Internet and calculate your own personal figures, changing the interest rate and the compounding of the interest rate (annually, semiannually, and quarterly).

As an example, you can use the following numbers:

1. You place $5,000 in a


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