Xerox and Scanners

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Scanners and Xerox This paper will identify the multiple business pressures on Xerox and describe some of the company’s response strategies. Also it will identify two roles of IT first as a contributor to the business technology pressures and secondly as a facilitator of Xerox’s critical responses activities.
Identify the multiple business pressures on Xerox and describe some of the company’s response strategies.
In the beginning Xerox with its introduction of the Xerox 914 automatic, plain paper copiers) Xerox was empire of the copying industry (Xerox, 2014). With all they had accomplished Xerox had a unique position in the industry. What they did was synonymous with what they performed. In any company to say “I am
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Competing competitively Xerox has superiority in technology which could have rendered them stagnate as a leader in copiers. As a contributor part of the role that IT played to Xerox could be the failing to use the technology created by its own R &D department ("PARC," 2014). Xerox technologies were created from within the company. They fail to use the business technology that would allow them to analyze and make necessary changes to the sales of equipment. It is said that Xerox never understood the potential of PARC (Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated); formerly Xerox PARC ("PARC," 2014).The mistake was the mangers did not see the opportunities that they had due to the closed innovation standards. Because of this numbers of technologies were developed the mouse, windows, icons, were developed a PARC but they were locked away. Only later to be discovered and replicated by Steve Jobs ("PARC," 2014).

The role that IT facilitated in the response was the change in in its technology system and how they were being used. Because of the rapid adoption of ERP and web technologies it easier for Xerox to catchup and even surpasses the competition of its competitors (Ho-Chang et al., 2014). Xerox had turned its R&D focus from PC improvement but to that of many processing for better efficiency in business and governmental use (Xerox, 2014).
. The technology use in the new Xerox units would read and understand the documents they could


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