Life of Saint Ambrose

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Saint Ambrose of Milan
“Sanctity is development of initial grace which God gives in the first place; it is a process.” The saints are our examples in living our Christian faith into our lives. They lived their lives in conformity with the will of God. These people are also like us who endure the difficulties and challenges of becoming a true authentic disciple of Jesus Christ. “Saints are not born; they’re made from a lifetime of processing in the Spirit.” All of us can become saints they are just ordinary people like us but their faith makes them extraordinary and by practicing and living the teachings of God in their day to day lives. The saints are our models of holiness and virtues into our lives as a pilgrim in this
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She helps her brother Ambrose in all of his works. After, he finishes his very rigorous literary education. He continued to study law and practice it until in 370. He entered an administrative career with the help of the powerful patron the perfect of Italy. In 373, He was made a Governor of Liguria and Emilia, with high rank and residency in Milan. He followed the footsteps of his father in which he became first an official of the government before he was appointed as a bishop of Milan.
1.2 Election to the Episcopacy
The election of Ambrose was very extraordinary. He was first selected and elected bishop before his baptism to the Faith. When Auxentius, the bishop of Milan died who was then the head of the Arian in the West. During the time of Ambrose the heresy of Arianism was on its peak. As a governor of his area, Ambrose purpose was to be an arbiter to the division made by the people in the choice of a successor of the bishop of Milan to avoid a dangerous collision and riot among the people. But when he was speaking to the people; a voice of a child shouted “Let Ambrose be bishop.” It seemed that the child’s voice was the voice of God which unites the division between the people. The choice have approved by the bishops and the Emperor to become a bishop. Even though, he was brought up as a Christians. St. Ambrose was first appointed bishop before he was baptized and ordained to the Holy Orders on December


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